Mounties Care runs various Integrative Health Clinics around Sydney, and I collaborate with the GPs and Naturopaths of Invitation to Health (ITH), an Integrative Medicine Centre on the Central Coast of New South Wales, and Mounties Care Integrative Health Clinic in Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Integrative medicine combines the best of evidence-based conventional medicine and complementary medicine to focus on the total health of a patient.
A supportive team approach is a core part of the model, with highly trained doctors, allied health professionals and complementary medicine practitioners collaborating together.

You can find me coaching at Freshwater on Mondays and Thursdays, and book in directly via the clinic webpage – both as stand alone appointments or as part of the Metabolic Transformation, Diabetes or Deep Health program. Once a month I take residence up at ITH, please book via their reception team. All appointments can also be done remotely.

On top of my coaching for work for Mounties Care, I am working on establishing best practise processes and procedures in preparation of onboarding further health coaches and the opening of further integrative clinics within the group. We’re also working on research collaborations to look into the benefits of Health Coaches as part of an Allied Health team for long-term patient outcomes. 

I collaborate with BetterUp Care. If you work for an organisation that offers BetterUp Services through their employee portals, you can find me as a Care Coach on there. If you’re a HR professional interested in adding health and wellness coaching on a large scale to your business, please reach out directly for more information.

When you invest in personalized mental fitness for your workforce, the impact on them personally and professionally is clear. They’re less stressed, more productive, and more resilient against adversity. What does that mean for your organization? A substantial reduction in health care costs and a thriving, high-performing culture.

The Change Room provides multi-level intervention programs that are specifically designed for individuals recovering from injury or illness. They are designed to elevate the physical, mental and psychosocial capacities and inspire participants to find a new purpose.

The Change Room Program is SIRA approved.

In order for your referral to be charged as an insurance claims cost, your referral must be sent directly from the insurance provider contact, or with their written approval attached.

There’s an old saying when it comes to parenthood – the child doesn’t come with a user manual.

Kiddipedia has compiled the best of this information across the web, designed to provide a one-stop location for you to find parenting tips, advice, useful links and more. Access trustworthy guidance when you need it most.

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