There’s an old saying when it comes to parenthood – the child doesn’t come with a user manual.

It is a memorable cliché, but it is not necessarily true in the modern world with numerous parent resources and websites available to help you at all stages of your child’s development.

Kiddipedia has compiled the best of this information across the web, designed to provide a one-stop location for you to find parenting tips, advice, useful links and more. Access trustworthy guidance when you need it most.

You’ll find my own monthly contributions to kiddipedia here.

The Change Room provides multi-level intervention programs that are specifically designed for individuals recovering from injury or illness. They are designed to elevate the physical, mental and psychosocial capacities and inspire participants to find a new purpose.

The Change Room Program is SIRA approved.

In order for your referral to be charged as an insurance claims cost, your referral must be sent directly from the insurance provider contact, or with their written approval attached.