This is the most personalised service I offer, and provides maximum accountability and results.

We can meet in my office, or, if you’d prefer to work together remotely, via zoom or phone. I am also available to meet you at your home (travel fees may apply) or select outdoor locations if that makes you feel more comfortable.

I am extremely passionate about seeing my clients progress, regain their confidence and succeed in their own lives. This is brought about by building healthy new habits that align with your vision of ultimate wellbeing, and working one on one with you gives me the chance to be an integral part on your journey.

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There are many factors that can influence our health and wellbeing. As a coach, my mission is to  help you achieve your own version of optimal mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I want you to find your mojo to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.


Prior to our first appointment you will receive a client signup form and agreement which outlines everything that will be covered during our sessions, as well as an extensive wellness questionnaire to fill in.

Your wellness questionnaire sets the scene for our first coaching session. It helps you define what is working well right now and asks you to consider what you’d like to change going forward. The questionnaire assists you to identify your wellness priorities and begin to formulate ideas for the direction you want to take.

An introductory session generally lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and is designed to help you move towards a vision of what you consider optimal wellbeing, and set goals to get you started on your journey.




Our ongoing sessions are focused around your experiences in progressing towards your vision. We’ll look at what you’ve learned since the previous meeting and redefine your goals, explore your strengths and values as well as obstacles that may be popping up.

These subsequent sessions take between 45 and 60 minutes, but please be prepared to utilise the full time, to ensure you get the most out of it.

At the end of each session I will provide you with activities to try out and experiment with at home in your own time between sessions. These are aimed at helping you discover more about yourself and possible ways to build and sustain new healthy habits.

If you aren’t sure where to start, and don’t know if coaching is right for you, please feel free to book a complimentary discovery call with me before signing up to any of the programs. We can discuss any questions you may have during our call and, if we agree to enter into a coaching relationship, tailor a program to your specific needs.


A discovery call usually lasts about 15 -30 minutes and is our chance to get to know each other and see if we have the right chemistry to successfully work together.

I get the opportunity to learn more about you, assess whether I can help you with your desired change, and come up with a personalised coaching plan.

You’ll find out how I work, learn whether coaching is the right approach for you, and have the chance to ask me any questions or share concerns you may have. If you’d like to have a chat to see whether I am the right coach for you, book it in!


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