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Walks are great for mind, body and soul…

I recently read the attached article, and it made me smile…

Those who know me well, know that I am not a fan of running. Give me a mountain bike or kayak, let me dance through the night and I am happy, but running just doesn’t appeal to me – I just get incredibly bored when running.

So naturally I thought the same would apply to walking (unless it was a crazy technical hike)…  I was wrong.

My first walks

I first started short walks through the city a few years ago. Mainly because I realised that on some days I was so bogged down with work that the only exercise I could get all day was a quick lunchtime walk.

I then started getting up early, to walk to my local cafe and grab my morning coffee –  and before I knew it, I was enjoying walks. I didn’t just walk from A to B, but started to aimlessly wander around. 

The benefits of walking

I concentrate a lot better after some time outside, my eyes feel relaxed, and walking to me is also a great way to structure my thoughts. Watching people, and sharing those awesome smiles with strangers make you feel happy. Not to mention all the physical benefits that come with it.

Whether you have joint or back issues, carry a few kilos over your recommended weight or just don’t enjoy running – as a low impact exercise, a brisk walk is beneficial to your health and can be sustained for longer than a run. ⁠

Walking can reduce the risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and improve mood, cardiac health and much more. It is also the perfect rehab exercise when you can’t risk falling on a broken limb or don’t have the fitness yet to exercise more vigorously.⁠

The best part – it’s accessible to almost everyone and as simple as leaving the house.

While a walk along the beach or in the bush are no doubt the most pleasant kind of walks, there are many ways to integrate walking into your daily routine.⁠

Why not swap the car for a walk next time you go on a coffee run, pick up the kids or get your groceries?

Especially with the current stay at home order in Sydney and surrounds, it’s important to not just spend time with fun activities at home, but to get some fresh air. Being in nature and moving your body is extremely beneficial for mind, body, and soul. 

Give it a try, and let me know what you’re favourite walking spots are, and why!

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